How to Make a Media Kit

Media Kit:
(1)Folder or package that contains promotional material and associated information about a firm, product, conference, client, seminar,or program, etc.
(2) Package containing rate card and circulation data, audience statistics, and other such information about an advertising vehicle. Also known as media pack.

A media kit is a promotional tool that can be used to draw media attention to a client. Once the media kit is developed, copies can be sent out to those who may have an interest as well as posted to the internet for interested parties to view.

Fact Sheet

Take the highlights and strip it down to a page of bullet points. This sheet is meant to be scanned by editors or reporters. Include any interesting/fascinating facts about the client.


Bio of the clients in another important component of the media kit., make sure to print them on letterhead. The bio can be a full page or just a few paragraphs.


Most media kits also include photographs of the client (also known as headshots).  It’s best to hire a professional photographer, the results will be of better quality and a ore professional image will be presented.

Press Releases and Clips

Be sure to include any press releases from the past year or so, as well as any recent publicity. Write down the name of publication and date on each clip. Clips show legitimacy as well as enhance the status of the client.

Story Suggestions/Sample Questions

Feel free to include sample questions and stories that may interest the media as well as the public.

Contact Info

Contact info should be included on a separate page. Include the client name, a contact person, with day and evening contact numbers. Remember to post contact info on all components of the media kit just in case the package gets disassembled.


Some media kits use double pocket folders and others may get as extensive as custom made packaging. Pick the best packaging that works for your client as we all what works in the budget. As a publicists, you want to put your best foot forward for you and your client.

Media kits are essential with representing a client. A little goes a long way, sticking to this guideline can help create productive kits.

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