Large Agency vs. Boutique Agency…Your choice.


A question that often crosses a prospective clients mind is whether to go with a boutique agency or a large agency. When picking a PR agency a client should review the pros and cons, after doing so they can then determine which agency is best suited fur them.

Here is a list complied to make the task a little easier.


Pros of a Global Agency

  • You have access to minds smarter than your own all around the world.
  • Your access to software, expense accounts, and newest technologies is unlimited.
  • Bringing together a team that is right for the client is as easy as calling another office.
  • You learn how to do one job really well. If you’re in media relations, you learn that skill until you’re an expert. Then you get promoted.
  • The process and procedure is already in place…and works pretty well.
  • No one, from a client perspective, ever got fired for hiring a global agency.

Pros of a Boutique Agency

  • You have direct access to the CEO, both as staff and the client.
  • Your team knows how to react quickly and get something done, even if they’ve never done it before.
  • This may sound trite, but there is a personal touch because you’re working with the owner and a select, very carefully chosen team.
  • The team that pitches a piece of new business is the team that works on that business when it becomes a client.
  • As a team member, you become a jack of all trades and learn different parts of the job very quickly…because you have to.
  • The team is always very flexible and nimble.
  • A small budget to a global firm is usually a gigantic budget to a boutique firm.

Cons of a Global Agency

  • Learning a new skill takes years, if ever at all.
  • Flexibility and being nimble are like asking the Titantic to turn quickly.
  • The team that pitches new business is always the most polished, smartest, best presenter the office has to offer…and they almost never work with that client.
  • Clients that have smaller budgets are left to the young professionals to manage, which is great for the employee, but not so great for the client.
  • Having access to the CEO, unless you’re a Steve Jobs, is almost non-existent.

Cons of a Boutique Agency

  • The shininess of presentations, projects, and work isn’t as slick; some of the stuff we have to bootstrap with you.
  • Clients have been fired from their jobs for taking a chance with a boutique agency, if that agency screws up.
  • Bringing together a team that is right for the client sometimes means calling in other agencies.
  • Process and procedure are almost non-existent; you create it as you go.
  • The resources available are sometimes pretty slim.
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  1. PR, Marketing & Communication says:

    Great blog, love the template, love the information here. Keep up the good work.

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