Network!!! Network!!! Network!!!

Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know. It pays to make good connections and contacts in any profession you are in. By networking you learn from others, as well as having the ability to pass on information that you acquired to others.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when networking.

Networking is about creating GENUINE relationships being authentic. Also about learning trust and how YOU can help others.

Learn to become a powerful resource for others so that you can attract powerful resources.

Have a clear understanding of what you do and what makes you special. Being able to articulate what you want and how others can help is key.

Remember to be friendly. A smile and a positive attitude goes a long way.

Make sure you follow up. The “follow-up” is usually the most neglected part of networking. By reaching out and reminding someone who you are and what you do, you can really make yourself and your company stand out.

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1 Response to Networking

  1. Beezy says:

    Yo network iz yo Net Worth!

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