Michelle Obama’s Continued Fight Against Obesity


Source: Examiner

Our First Lady is really helping our country fight obesity. She changing school lunches to have a more nutritional value and trying to get the nations children to be healthier overall.

Check out how the Examiner is dishing it…

The Examiner reports…

When you have First Lady Michelle Obama as your partner, the world is your oyster – and that goes for government agencies like the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in particular. Their mission: improve the quality of nutrition in school lunches. Beyond that, the First Lady has her own goal: do all that she can to battle childhood obesity not just in schools but at home.

And now she has a new powerful partner: celebrity chef and TV show hostess Rachael Ray. She shares the First Lady’s belief that healthy food can taste great as well – and she also shares her determination to do her part to fight childhood obesity. In fact, she recently invited the First Lady on her show to discuss heart-healthy SuperBowl Snacks.

Here’s what First Lady Michelle Obama had to say about Rachael’s collaboration to bring healthy foods into schools across the nation: “Beginning in the fall kids are going to see more healthy portion sizes, they’re going to see more whole grains, they’re going to see more fresh fruits and vegetables. So that now parents can send their kids to school knowing that the meals they’re getting are of a high quality, they’re going to give their kids the energy they need and that’s just one of the challenges of being a parent.”






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