Doughboyz Cashout and Grand Hustle


DBCO have been hanging in the ATL with the Grand Hustle camp. Could they be signing to the label soon? Only time will tell. Detroit is on the map. Keep doing ya thing fellas ” rock ice…throwing up gang signs”

Check more photos after the break….




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11 Responses to Doughboyz Cashout and Grand Hustle

  1. Jay says:

    man dese niggas da realist. T.i. u sign my niggas. ull neva go broke word up. dese niggas my motivation. and im from the s outh

  2. Shannon says:

    Much luv to my lil Detroit niggaz i hope yall make it main stream Ti sign them niggaz asap they are the truth we poppin in Det. hard work pays off shout out to Detroits finest Doughboyz southwest in this bitch free King Meech and Big T

  3. milek mims says:

    shit trill i fucks wit on basis foreall yns da mob dnt u eve for get it

  4. they say detroit now on the map bt real talk we ben on da map!!!!

  5. C. DR. W says:

    Man them niggas wack as fuck, same beat and same style every time. Just a bunch of niggas talking about what has already been talked about. NO DEAL!!

  6. sosa187 says:

    t.i. and 41 p on a track, nigga thats legendary

  7. fred says:

    A forget these haters yall keep up the good work. A and give my man B a line or two.

  8. Streetzz says:

    detroit go hard in this bitch eastside 7 mile goon

  9. SplitEnt says:

    DBC should get signed! we made a parody to their song mob life, no disrespect tho!

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