Tyra Banks Talks About Her Career and Education



Tyra sits down in an interview and goes in depth on her career, her education and her future.

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Ever since Tyra Banks stepped out of the limelight to pursue her education at Harvard Business School, people were wondering why a woman who already had traveled the world as a supermodel, had a successful acting career starring alongside the talents of Will Smith and Omar Epps, and added producer to her list of credits with ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ ‘True Beauty,’ ‘Stylista’ and ‘The Tyra Banks Show,’ would need to go back to college. But there’s a difference between a ‘career and a business’ says Tyra who is no longer interested in building a company based solely on a fan base.

Tyra recently caught up with a group of Harvard Business School students and faculty at Harvard to talk about why she needed more for herself and in the inspirational conversation she discussed not being hung up on the amount of fans she has, the Oprah comparisons and chasing her passions rather than the money that may come along with it.

On why she decided to attend Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program

There’s a difference between a career and a business. I’m not looking to build my company based on fans,” she said. Rather, she feels a responsibility to spread her message of empowerment, self-esteem, and beauty in a way that’s consistent with her ethos and, hopefully, favorable to her bottom line.

“[It’s] not about being the biggest, but being the best.

On Being Compared to Oprah

“The comparisons are extremely flattering, impossible to live up to and inconsistent with my goals.”

On how her personality differs from that of her ANTM personality

“I wish I was hard. I have armor, but a strategic knife can still get in those creases.”

“It’s okay to be vulnerable. Things don’t always have to be perfect.”

On what it takes to make it

“You have [to have] a drive that the average person does not have. I’ve just started to take care of myself, and you need to do that, too.”

“Don’t chase the money, even if you want to be a banker. Chase the passion. Chase the dream.”

On What She Does When She’s Lacking Inspiration

“My ideas come to me on the massage table.”

Tyra also shared that before she went to HBS to sharpen her skills, she was making most of her business decisions from her gut. She’s also working with an executive coach to help her delegate tasks rather than micromanage and she has a hard time balancing the need to please with the need to be serious and strong.

It’s funny to see that to the outside world, it looked like Tyra was doing all things right because she had her own shows and was always in front of the camera, but it goes to show that a person with true passion is never satisfied with being “the greatest,” but wants to be a game-changer. Go ‘head Tyra.




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