Adele Flips the Bird at the Brit Awards



Another celeb gives the bird!

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Adele may be one of the world’s most adorable and endearing celebrities these days, but don’t push her buttons because she definitely has a feisty side. And it looks like she may have been sipping some of that M.I.A juice yesterday while at the Brits Awards.

She became pissed off (which is rare) last night after she took to the stage to accept the award for ‘Album Of The Year’ and was rudely cut off after just a few seconds of her speech. The host gave her no more than about 20 seconds tops to thank her fans (she didn’t even get to thank her mama) before interrupting her mid-sentence so that the next performance could begin. RUDE. Adele quickly said goodbye to the crowd and left the stage but not before flipping the bird one good time.

And who can blame her? She was trying to get some of that ‘hometown glory’ at the most prestigious music award show in her country and was treated worse there than she was at the Grammys. She later apologized, saying:

“I was cut off during my speech, but I wanted to thank the British public for all their support. I was held up with my voice and troubles, but the album kept walking without me. I flipped the bird for the suits at the BRITS who cut me off. Sorry if I offended anyone but it was for them, not for the fans.”

Watch the clip, plus her performance of ‘Rolling In The Deep’ below







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