New Music: Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne “Roman Reloaded”



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Don’t count Nicki Minaj out of the rap game just yet. She’s bringing back some ‘Old Nicki’ type flows as a reminder of why she’s been recognized as one of the hottest rappers in the game (snatching up the number 4 spot on MTV’s 10 Hottest MC’s list this year).

Completely flipping the script from last week’s “Starships” release, Nicki dropped off a new track titled “Roman Reloaded” featuring Lil Wayne to Hot 97′s Flex last night to fire off a few responses to her critics. As Nick lets the glock pop off over the beat, she uses her verses to set a few things straight and make sure we remember all the moves she’s making outside of rap these days.

First off, she’s not concerned with what people think about her bringing the Vatican to the Grammys this year because while you may have been hating, she was in the studio doing voice overs for the next ‘Ice Age’ movie, and let’s not forget that she’s got more knots than Eric on Basketball Wives (pretty funny). So Nicki says you can just bite her. Apple sign.

“I guess I went commercial.
just shot a commercial.
When I flew to the set tho, I ain’t fly commercial
And the ad is global.
Yup, ave is local.
Where we shot, it was a lot of different agriculturals
So I laugh at hopefuls
Nicki pop?
Only thing that pops is my endorsement opp.”

Is it me or did I put these rap b-tches on the map again
You mad cause I’m at the Grammys with the Vatican?
You in the booth but I’m who you be channeling

In an interview with Flex, Nicki said she’s happy that hip-hop heads are concerned enough about her to be discussing where she is as an artist, but they can fall back a little bit because she’s got control of her career.

“I would hope that people at this point know that I’m smart enough to know what I’m doing all the time … I’m not gonna change. I’m just adding on to my brand, and if you can’t understand that, then that’s probably why you don’t travel and you don’t see the world, and I probably can’t have a conversation with you any more.”

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne – Roman Reloaded

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