New Video: Shanell “Somebody I Used to Know”



New music from Young Money’s Shanell

Check it out…

Young Money Shanell is not about to be ‘Nobody’s B-tch’.

She is taking a new approach to her music videos with her newest clip, a cover of Gotye and Kimba’s track “Somebody That I used To Know.” Like a scene from either a horror or a Lifetime movie, the video begins with Shanell sleeping defenseless in her bed while a creeper ex-boyfriend breaks into her apartment. She seems to be out for the count, giving him ample time to lurk around her bedroom, play with her hair and get into her bed while her dog uselessly sits and watches.

It’s not until her stalker boyfriend comes at her and starts beating her with a pillow that Shanell finally wakes up. Then, a pillow fight ensues that almost ends in suffocation. Shanell ends up getting tied up but loosens the knots just enough to turn the tables on ole boy. She chokes him out and ties him up then writes “Nobody’s B-tch” across his mouth on a piece of duct tape. That’s the title of her next mixtape release, which is coming out sometime this year, and she definitely conveyed the message in this somewhat eerie music video.

Intense but dope concept!





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