Bobbi Kristina Doesn’t Want to Be a “Brown” Anymore



Bobbi Kristina wants to distance herself from her father.

Keep reading for details…

Bobbi Kristina doesn’t want to be a Brown anymore..

It’s no secret that she hasn’t had the closest relationship with her father Bobby Brown since he and her mother divorced in 2006. In the divorce papers, Bobby claimed that Whitney ran off to Orange County with Bobby Kris without his consent to go to rehab and he did everything he could to see his daughter during that time, even though he himself was living out of a car. Even after Whitney’s passing, instead of rushing to her side, Bobby stayed in Mississippi and did a show that night and when he finally made it to Los Angeles folks were shocked to know that almost a week had gone by and he still hadn’t seen his daughter. According to reports, it was Bobbi Kris that didn’t want to see him. Fast forward to the funeral and there was all this drama about Bobby Brown leaving after a bit of drama and in his statement that was released he mentioned the family wouldn’t let him speak to Bobbi Kris after he came in.

So has Bobbi Kris cut Bobby Brown off completely? According to TMZ, Bobbi Kris wants to change her last name to Houston and it’s something that she has wanted to do ever since her parents divorced but Whitney was against it. Now that she’s free to make that decision, she’s looking into getting it done very soon with a ‘sober’ mind.

The good news is that she seems to be doing much better as well. She’s been spending a lot of time with Nick Gordon (some reports have pegged him ‘Whitney’s Secret Son‘ for some reason but he seems to have taken on more of a boyfriend role than anything). The two have been spotted around Johns Creek Georgia together laughing, smiling, (allegedly) kissing, and holding hands and Nick posted this photo of the two to his twitter account on Thursday.

Bobbi Kris is glowing. As for Bobby Brown, if Bobbi Kris were to really go through with this, he’ll definitely be hurt by it more than being left out of Whitney’s will.



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