Miami Heat Support Trayvon Martin



The Miami Heat are showing their support for Trayvon Martin, keep reading for more details…

Lebron James and the Miami Heat are stepping up to show their support for the family of Trayvon Martin, The 17 year old who was shot dead by a neighborhood watch leader, George Zimmerman, as he was returning home from the store unarmed.

George Zimmerman, has yet to be arrested because he told police he shot Trayvon in self-defense and is protected by Florida’s ‘Stand Your Grown’ law aka “Shoot First, Ask Questions later’.

Today, King James tweeted a photo of the entire squad wearing hoodies with the caption:

#WeAreTrayvonMartin #Hoodies #Stereotyped #WeWantJustice

Dwyane Wade also changed his profile pic to one of himself in a hoodie and tweeted:

“#hoodies, #steretype #TrayvonMartin”

It’s still unbelievable that almost a month later, George Zimmerman has not been arrested for murder.


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