New Music: Azealia Banks ‘F*ck Up The Fun’



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Oh, Azealia, you’z a fast talker…

It’s been a couple months since we’ve gotten an official track from Harlem-bred Azealia Banks, but as she gears up to drop an EP, she’s released a new record titled, ‘F-ck Up The Fun’ that’s sure to get the streets buzzing.

Azealia immediately flexes her bravado on the track, saying “Let me pop my sh-t” to her producer, Diplo. Then, she starts off on 10 with the simple question, “Who want it, who–who want it?” before spitting expletive-laden lyrics with a delivery so fast you’ll have to play it back three times to get into some of the trash she’s talking.

It’s like, “did she really just say,‘Don’t f-ck with your b-tch when the rum in the punch. I might dance on these n-ggas with the gun in the butt’?” And she does, but she proves that her flow is a force to be reckoned with as she continues over the drumline:

“B-tches better quit that chat. These b-tches better hold up with the gizat yap. I grip the fif and clip clizap clack. I’d hate to blow your little wig all back. I mean I’d hate to see you with your wig off, b-tch. I see you trynna come up, trynna get on, b-tch. You wanna trip, slip, fall then lick on d-ck. It be the same n-gga who come and lick on this.”


She’s clearly out to intimidate the competition.

Listen to it below:

Azealia recently performed the song at the Chanel Pop-Up store launch party in Japan.





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