Trina Hooks Up With June Ambrose on ‘Styled by June’



On tonight’s episode of Styled by June rapper Trina is the subject of stylist June Ambrose’s magic.

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On tonight’s episode of celebrity stylist’s June Ambrose’s new series ‘Styled By June’, June gets a visit from the ‘Baddest B-tch’ Trina, who has approached her about switching up her raunchy image. During a sit down chat with June, Trina reveals that she’s trying to step away from the vixen style she flaunted in her early rap days and she wants to evolve into something more crossover and mature.

I completely want to transform my everything. I just want a new look from the inside out. I’m doing a new album; the sound is different. The sound is more poppy, it’s crossover. Hip-Hop is where it started, and I love Hip Hop, but I’m totally at a different phase. I’m surpass the raunchiness. I was very raw and provocative.

Trina goes on to tell June that everything has been about her ‘butt’ and that’s what her fans associate her brand with.

Everything is [the butt] and of course to my consumers and my fans that’s just Trina. My fear is just being able to have my fans to accept the change. It’s all at stake; it’s my career, me, my brand, my name and everything I’ve put into business for 10 years. It’s all on the table right now. It’s all or nothing.

June gets right to work on Trina and creates a look for her upcoming Paper Magazine shoot as well as a listening party where she will be previewing her new sound. But before putting Trina in any clothes, June puts Trina through her strenuous stiletto workout followed by a mini temper tantrum from Trina who almost has a melt down once she sees some of the ’90′s rock inspired’ pieces that June has picked out. She’s definitely not feeling it but will the two be able to come to a compromise?



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