New Music: Trina ‘Outer Space’




New music Outer Space from Miami rapstress Trina.

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It looks like Trina’s plan to have celebrity stylist June Ambrose revamp her image in order to introduce her fans to a new stage in her career is in full swing.

On last night’s episode of ‘Styled By June’, Trina was given a grungy glam makeover before hitting the stage to debut her new single ‘Outer Space’. The track, is a fist-pumping pop tune that samples Gloria Gaynor’s disco classic ‘I Will Survive’ and shows Trina embracing the euro-dance craze that’s been taking over music for the last three years.

Trina spits two verses between the intense hook, sang by Kid Cadet, over a electro-dance production by Vinny Venditto. Much like her first crossover hit ‘Single Again’, Trina is getting over a break up and finding that she was even stronger than she realized:

“At first I was afraid. (I was afraid)
I was so petrified. I was so petrified.
I felt alone. I felt ashamed. I had nowhere to hide.
But I’m better as the days go on.
Never had a love that broke my heart.
But I’m gone now. Yeeah. I’m strong now.”

Listen below.





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