5 Signs You Aren’t a Real Entrepreneur



In today’s society many people are starting businesses. See if you fall into the category of a true entrepreneur.

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Being an entrepreneur is sexy these days. Everywhere you turn, people are thinking about doing a start-up or launching a start-up.

The low barriers to entry make it easy for many people to think they’re entrepreneurs but the reality is not everyone has it in them or they’re going through the motions. This has created a growing legion of wanna-be entrepreneurs, who like the idea but don’t really have what it takes.

Here are five signs you’re not a “real” entrepreneur:

1. You start a business but have no vision about where to take it. There’s no big picture objectives or goals other than starting a business as opposed to working for someone else. It’s like entering a race but having no idea of how far you want to run.

2. Being overly cautious even when your product or service shows encouraging traction. The inability to push down on the accelerator when there is an opportunity for growth is a strong signal that maybe you’re too pragmatic, conservative or careful to be an entrepreneur.

3. You’re not willing to embrace risk. Being an entrepreneur is not for the feint of heart because there is an element or risk in every venture. Sometimes, there is a lot of risk; sometimes, it’s minimal, but it’s part of how the game is played.

4. Trying to do everything yourself even when it is abundantly apparent the business will be unable to grow without more resources. Being an entrepreneur means knowing how to effectively leverage your skills and, at the same time, knowing when to hire people who have different skills.

5. An unwillingness to be flexible, agile and change directions. Starting and growing a business is not a linear activity. There are bumps in the road, opportunities to move in different directions, and times when strategic and tactical changes have to made. The inability or unwillingness to be strategically and tactically flexible is a sign you’re not a true entrepreneur.

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