Anchorman 2 Trailer Teaser



Brief trailer teaser for Anchorman 2 staring Will Ferrell

Keep reading to watch trailer….

Overwhelming the Internet like the reek of Sex Panther cologne, fans got a chance to see an “Anchorman 2” teaser trailer that’s significantly different than the one that ran over the weekend in front of “The Dictator.”
Like the clip that ran in movie theaters, the teaser trailer that debuted on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die site starts with the four members of Channel Four’s News Team silhouetted by a bank of stage lighting.
Ferrell, who returns as the titular mustached newsman in the sequel to “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, and his sidekicks Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner then go completely off a different script — or possibly off script entirely.
“In the age when the dinosaurs’ roar greeted the dawn and apes rode the winged horse across the valley of Eli, there was a lone stranger who offered comfort, wisdom and overly sexual neck massages,” the clip begins in voice-over as the four members of Channel Four’s crack news team walk forward. “It was said he would one day return. That day has come.”
Considering the movie isn’t scheduled to start filming until February for a release later in 2013, there’s absolutely nothing substantial revealed about plot, scenes or meaningful dialogue.
Koechner’s Champ Kind though does promise, “There’s going to submachine guns and boobies.”
“In this movie, we play witches,” adds Carell’s Brick Tamland.
That, however, seems dubious.
For fans of the 2004 original,which earned $85.3 million at the box office, but stayed classy as a cult hit on DVD — it was good just seeing the team back together.
“It’s time to do it again, but this time, I’m on top,” says Ferrell’s Burgundy.



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