Fashion: BossyByFaunaB


Ladies…. And fellas too, you must check out BossyByFaunaB. Ms.Detroit ,Fauna B. , has everyone talking about her witty, fashionable, and catchy T-shirt line.

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BossyByFaunaB is designed to create an energy which is only understood by those that are self-assured and have a boss mentality. Creator Fauna B. creatively combined the elements of the streets into unique expressions displayed on the perfect t-shirt. Most brands focus on the current trends however, BossyByFaunaB combines the current trends while articulating messages of a game that was previously written. It’s not just a BRAND it’s a LIFE STYLE! We removed the negative annotations of being “BOSSY” and replaced it with a more positive reflection of power and leadership. A “REAL BOSS” is any man or woman who is respected and acknowledged for taking care of their business. Fellas cross your arms over your chest; ladies place your hands on your hips and rock your BossyByFaunaB apparel like the boss that you are. We are focused on providing our valued customers with quality products and fast shipping. BossyByFaunaB focuses on building relationships with our customers by striving for customer satisfaction in every BossyByFaunaB experience. We welcome you to the world of BossyByFaunaB and encourage you to frequent our website.

Who is Fauna B.

Fauna Burks is a Detroit socialite turned Georgia peach. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Fauna a.k.a. Ms. Detroit is a combination of beauty and brains. She is the epitome of a “D” girl because she has succeeded in the corporate world and simultaneously flexed in the streets. This self-proclaimed fashionista is a mother, entrepreneur, party promoter, mentor, real estate investor and designer. Find out more by following her on twitter @FaunaMsDetroit.


Click on Bossy by Fauna B. for purchase info.

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