Fashion: Be Gorgeous with ‘GorJess Wear’


This story is for all my fashionistas out there. Ever go in the store and can’t find what you want? Ever had an important occasion and been worried about someone wearing the same exact ensemble? Or how about it looks great just not for you. Well all those troubles are now over. There’s a hidden treasure that I am revealing just for our lovely readers.

GorJess Wear is a hidden gem that NewImageWire came across on Instagram. We just fell head over heels with the classy yet sexy designs of this up and coming designer.

Keep reading to learn more about GorJess Wear founder, where to send inquires and purchase custom items….


GorJess Wear was founded by Jessica Freouf born in the Philippines, on July 2, 1986. Moving to the states at the age of three, this 26 year old fashionista grew up an Air Force brat living in Hampton, Va and Okinawa Japan (6.5 years), then settling in DC/Prince George County since 2011. She attended and graduated from Grace Brethren Christian School in 2004. After graduating high school, Jessica obtained a Bachelors of Science from Bowie State University, with a concentration in Public Relations. Jessica is currently the answer to your fashion needs as the designer of GorJess Wear. By far, Jessica’s most important job is being a mother to her 20 month old daughter, Natalia Rosario.



Jessica took some time out to talk to NIW about inspiration, love of fashion, entrepreneurship and most importantly GorJess Wear.

When did you love of fashion begin?

I dont think I was really into being a “fashionista”, per say, I was more into trying to create my type of clothing that I would see in stores but maybe didnt like the color or print or didnt want everyone else to have/wear. I started sewing my clothing a few months ago, actually so it really has taken off in such a short time.

What inspires you?

Its not what inspires me, its who inspires me. My mom sewed most of my clothing when I was younger and I see that history repeats itself b/c now I find myself sewing different pieces for my daughter. She also bought my first sewing machine so for that, i feel like she really supported my idea. My daughter is another one of my inspirations. My co-partner in GorJess wear is a great motivator as well. I dont think I would have really started on my clothing “idea” if it wasnt for him to motivate me into actually doing it.

As a female entrepreneur, what advice could you give to young girls or other women that are interested in fashion design?

Advice I would give to younger girls is that if they have an idea, they should put it to use by all means b/c you never know where that idea may take you. Use all outlets, support, and beneficial helping hands to “jumpstart” their idea and dont give up even when they hit roadblocks or feel times get challenging. Its all apart of growing as a businesswoman; you learn the ins and outs and you learn from the mistakes.

What separates GorJess Wear from the rest?

What separates GorJess Wear apart from other women-owned clothing businesses is that I make ALL of my clothing. I make clothing that caters to different people and their specific style; some ladies might not wear a particular item whereas another might love it. I make clothing that is stylish and yet classy.

Be sure to check GorJess Wear out and support.
Twitter: JessyBabyyy
Instagram: JessyBabyyy_
Email inquires for GorJess Wear:
Email inquires for customized SnapBack:

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2 Responses to Fashion: Be Gorgeous with ‘GorJess Wear’

  1. Yokairi says:

    I wanna make a dress

  2. Thomas Lockett says:

    Hello, I’ve been looking for some nice very sexy, and classy dresses for my wife.also, if I was wondering if you also designed jeans. My wife is vey beautiful and sexy and is very similar in size and shape as maliah no lie. She has a very hard time finding jeans to fit her right.

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