Kendra Dione’ Hairstylist Extraordinaire


From time to time we like to showcase young entrepreneurs. Hairstylist extraordinaire Kendra Dione’ has caught our eye. This young lady specializes in all phases of hair care, takes pride in her clients, and educates. Want to be fabulous? Well keep reading to see how you can contact Kendra and to check out the exclusive interview she blessed New Image Wire with.

Kendra Dione’ is a Washington, D.C. native and a second generation hair stylist. She got her first chair at 16 years old and has been working on making a name for herself ever since that day. She works with all ethinicities, doing a number of styles such as cuts, colors, blowouts, braids, natural braid styles, children’s hair styles, and weaves (extensions). Kendra Dione’ loves everything about transforming someone or simply adding to their own creativity. Styling hair is what she was born to do. Behind the chair is where you will find her. CREATING BEAUTIFUL TRANSFORMATIONS 1 head at a time.


While taking a break from her extremely busy schedule, Kendra was able to answer some questions for our readers:

1. When did you become a stylist?
I became a professional stylist in 2003, that’s when I first starting working in the salon.

2. What made you enter the cosmetology field?
I decided to enter the cosmetology field because as a young girl doing hair was what I always found myself doing. I did everyone’s hair and parents were paying me so at that point I knew I was on to something. Not to mention my mother is a hairstylist as well. I found a talent I was blessed with so I stuck with it.

3. As a stylist what separates you from the rest, what makes you stand out?
As I stylist I think I stand out because I don’t just style hair , I take time to educate my clients. I take time to figure my client out and try to give them styles that are not their usually hair styles. I get them to try new things and not always play it so safe all the time. There’s nothing wrong with doing different, fun and creative things with your hair and my clients know and love that about me.

4. What are your future goals as a cosmetologist?
My future goal as a cosmetologist is to become a celebrity hair stylist and have a chain of salons.

5. What can our readers do at home to maintain their mane?
When at home people can maintain their mane by laying off the heat. So many people that like the curly look will curl their hair every 2 to 3 days. I tell those people to buy satin sponge rollers. If they are focused on keeping their edges under control use design essentials SLEEK. Also in between visits they should use sulfate free shampoos.

6. As a female entrepreneur, what advice can you give others following on your footsteps?
As a female entrepreneur I would advise anyone following in my footsteps to pray, speak things into existence. Have a plan and remain focused on whatever it is you have a genuine passion about. Never allow anyone to discourage them in any way. Forever educate yourself and network because you never know who you will meet and how they could be of assistance to you and your dreams. Last but not least, never limit yourself.

I need all my business women, celebrities, socialites, models, and women who need that great look along with great haircare to check Kendra Dione’ out NOW!

Contact Information
Instagram: @kendradione_hairstylist







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3 Responses to Kendra Dione’ Hairstylist Extraordinaire

  1. Rachelle says:

    I an Schanita cousin. I would like you to do a natural hairstyle for me. 2405959228 Rachelle

  2. Lovie says:

    Great article, beautiful stylist (inside and out)

  3. Leon Sr. says:

    I like the fact that she educates her clients and allow them to think outside of the box. Great article and keep up the good work !

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