Baby ManneQuinn Building Her Brand


Baby_Mannequinn is an Internet sensation! More importantly, with the help if her parents, she is a tiny entrepreneur whose star is already shining bright!

Her unique accessory line designed specifically for babies and toddlers is a huge hit, and its only the begining.

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Her website tells the story about how it all began:

Quinntessentials is a dad’s response to his toddler daughter’s love for her mother’s jewelry. Quinn was born on 12/4/10 in Charlotte, NC and it wasn’t long before she began to take an interest in her mother’s bangles and bracelets. She would cry until her mother would take them off and let Quinn put them on her tiny little wrists. It became virtually impossible for mommy to wear them without being robbed by the persistent toddler. Daddy, a lover of fashion, decided to simply buy Quinn bangles in her size, but he quickly discovered that there were hardly any available to fit babies and toddlers. So, he decided to work with local artisans to produce a variety of bracelets and bangles for his baby. Because of social media sites like Instagram (follow @baby_manneQUINN), requests began to pour in from everywhere for the baby bangles. Thus was the birth of the Quinntessentials brand. The company exists to provide ideal stylish accessories that are typically hard to find for babies, toddlers, and kids. Currently we offer bangles, bows, headbands, glasses, and sunglasses. However, very soon the line will expand to include an array of accessories including: belts, scarfs, purses, and other fun items. Who knows… a full clothing line could be in the works! Stay tuned…




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  1. Red Joe says:

    Very nice, beautiful!

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