Top Fashion Brands via GWOP Magazine

GWOP Top Ten Most Expensive  Fashion Brands in the World 2011

10. Hermes

It is a French Brand which is known for its making of outstanding and stunning bags and scarves.  There perfumes are great and the leather they use is so soft.  This brand makes around 2 billion dollars annually.

9. Versace

Gianni Versace was founded in 1978, it is an Italian brand.  This brand gained popularity after its boutique and now its among one of the top and expensive brands of the world.

8.  Christian Louboutin

This designer brand makes shoes for women.  Their shoes are kind of unique because all of the shoes which they make have red soles.  They say that there aim is to make women feel confident.

7. Prada

This brand is a status symbol, a fashion icon.  This has been manufacturing leather accessories, hats and shoes.  It generates around 1.7 billion dollars a year.

6. Christian Dior

This brand shares  in LVMH and was launched in 1946.  It has 160 retail stores all over the world.  It generates around 18 billion dollars a year.

5.  Fendi

This is an Italian brand that is best known in making bags, it was started in 1925 but now it generates 338.5 million a year.

4.  Burberry

This a British brand that manufactures almost everything from perfumes to clothing to accessories.  They make around a billion dollars annually.

3.  Chanel

This brand manufactures high end luxury goods, perfumes, clothes, cosmetics and many other things.  Chanel is one of the labels that si recognized all over the world.

2.  Louis Vuitton

This a French brand and it means Style and Panache.  it makes sunglasses, leather goods, watches, all types of shoes.  They make 2.7 billion dollars annually.

1.  Gucci

This brand was founded in 1921, an Italian brand by Guccio Gucci.  It makes excellent leather stuff.  It is the best Italian brand and makes 1.2 billion dollars annually.

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